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  • The importance of the Heart Chakra

    This year, more than ever, we need to use our imagination to let our loved ones know that we love them.From pagan to Catholic feasts, from the Roma...
  • The happiness of living

    The sacral chakra is the chakra of pleasure. That of the happiness of living. It directs your emotional, carnal and personal behavior.Concretely, i...
  • Taking the time to stop

    2020 is behind us. Winter is now slowly is settling in and is pushing us to slow down. The days are short. We hardly have time to enjoy the sun. It's dark, it's cold, too often we feel exhausted. Here's how the root chakra could help you appreciate every moment
  • Natural Gemstones Healing Power - Lithotherapy explained

    Crystals are present all over the world; rainbow of colors and in thousands of shapes. Some are superb, others modest, insignificant even, if we ignore their value. 
  • How to recognize a real stone from a fake?

    Most natural stones are used in lithotherapy because of their multiple virtues. They make it possible to treat various disorders, both physical and psychological. With that said, for the treatment to be effective, it is necessary to use real stones. But, how to recognize them?
  • Chakras explained

    We've all heard once in our lives a story on Chakras.

    Can we really influence our body, mind and even our soul simply by focusing only on certain parts of our body?  The Indian tradition does believe so.