About Ada Jade Bracelets

It all started with a good intention

A good intention - Ada Jade Bracelets

Ada Jade’s story began in early 2020 to rise awareness and give back to society. Being implicated with the less fortunate, we wanted to allow people to express themselves through their own customized designs. The Quebec based company was born and quickly, its jewelry was very successful. It is with an increasing demand and unique packaging that its stands out today, in particular by blooming its own personality and its originality.


Why Ada Jade Bracelets?

Why Ada Jade Bracelets - Ada Jade Bracelets

Wondering how the name Ada Jade Bracelets was chosen? Well, let us explain why! 

Derived from Greek mythology, the term Ada is strong. It refers to the voluntary, combative, determined and enthusiastic qualities! Ada is a real woman of action. She always does everything to carry out her projects! She is also known for her honesty and great sociability. Diplomat, she easily manages to defuse conflicts.

Jade was chosen based on the powerful stone. It keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony. It stabilises the personality and promotes self-sufficiency. Our founder Aline Alieh's favorite stone.


Our Founder

 Our founder - Ada Jade Bracelets

Growing up with a passion for crystals and minerals, Aline has been able to create personalized products using different semi-precious stones based on their different properties. Her jewelry is proudly worn by people, day after day, regardless of their age, gender or personality.