Bamboo Inspire Crystalized Water Bottle
Bamboo Inspire Crystalized Water Bottle
Bamboo Inspire Crystalized Water Bottle
Bamboo Inspire Crystalized Water Bottle
Bamboo Inspire Crystalized Water Bottle
Bamboo Inspire Crystalized Water Bottle

Bamboo Inspire Crystalized Water Bottle

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Drinking water is an essential part of our lives, but is our water always pure and energized?

By merging water and stones, it integrates the healing energy crystals into our bodies.
The crystalized water bottle works on a vibrational level. It transfers the properties of the semi precious stone into the water. The water charges itself with energy. It has the ability to help promote and soothe our minds and feelings as well as aligning our chakras
Unlike ordinary water bottles, the use of the Inspire Crystal Infused Water Bottle combines the natural healing properties crystals into your drink. This is not only beneficial for the mind and body, but also for the environment by avoiding plastic bottles.

They are a must-have and a companion for everyday life.
Fill your water bottle, leave it for about ten minutes and then enjoy your refreshing gem-laden drinking water.

*Amethyst : Choose the Amethyst water if you want to promote calm and peace. Amethyst is a real gem for people who want to balance mood swings, relieve stress and anxiety.

*Rose Quartz : Choose the Rose Quartz if you want to promote self love and opening of the heart chakra.

*Citrine : Choose the Citrine water if you want to promote detox, elimination of toxins, liver, water retention.

*Aventurine Choose the Aventurine water if you want to promote willpower and confidence and healing of the physical body

*Obsidien : Choose the Obsidian water if you want to promote inner peace and shield yourself against negative energies

 *The crystals in your bottles are unique and might differ from the pictures 

Bracelets are strung with durable stretchy 0.8mm elastic string, making them easy to take on and off for daily wear. They are available in size:


*SMALL (15 - 15.5 cm)
*MEDIUM (16 - 16.5 cm)
*LARGE (17 - 20 cm)


*SMALL (17 - 18 cm)
*MEDIUM (18.5 - 19 cm)
*LARGE (19.5 - 21cm )

Please specify if you need different sizing at checkout.

All of our jewelry is hand-made with natural products your bracelet may vary slightly from the picture.

To ensure long life of your jewelry:

Avoid swimming, showering, or working out with your jewelry on. Water especially will cause the thread or string to break down, as it is made of elastic.

Bottles :

Avoid dishwasher. Seperate every piece of the bottle and hand wash

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My Mother and I are now reminded of each other each day. Thank you for creating our matching bracelets

Josée Leblanc
Quebec, Quebec

Really great service ; fast and the owner is very friendly and helpful 💯 I will buy again

Kika Rodriguez
West Island, Quebec

I just loved the whole experience! 💕 Fast and very professional service, the amazing selection of stones, the designs and the quality are you amazing. Their knowledge of the stones is also impressive

Lynn Glazer
Ontario, Canada

Absolutely incredible service! Passionate and kind entrepreneur! Innovative, beautiful and truly personalized products! I recommend +++! You won't be disappointed!

Gabrielle Robichaud
Piedmont, Quebec

A new level of style

Fierce elegance is synonymous with authenticity, refinement, beauty and grace. It's a powerful statement with a touch of sophisticated sass that creates an elegant and commanding presence.